A mash-up of memories from a great trip. Next time I’ll be shooting for a prettier, less disorganised video..

This was Mad Nomad Astrophotography in the Sahara with Sam Cornwell. A tiny group of fantastic people who planned a really diverse and stunning route from Marrakech, through the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara and back, in a couple of 4x4s. I was lucky enough to come along for their first trip where I met wonderful people, saw some truly mind-widening sights in the mountains, the desert and the night sky.
Part of the trip was staying in the Saraha Sky Observatory where we saw some incredible parts of space through specialist telescopes, and even used them to take photographs.

I learnt a lot. Not just about photography and astronomy but about the land, the people and their lives, as well as my own. I also learnt that camels bloody love to drink Coke and will produce a most spectacular burp afterwards.

They’ve got more trips lined up, see their website for details: www.madnomadgallery.co.uk

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