3D & VFX

3D Concept Visualisation

3D visualisation of concept project “MudMaster”, later developed for release in the instruments and controls for Able Instruments and Controls Ltd. Viewable with details online here.

3D Video

3D visualisation of Biogas Analyser for Alison Engineering. Viewable with details online here.

3D Visualisation

Display case for use inside clinics to show advanced, professional skincare products.

3D Video

3D product visualisation video for Fluid Components International (FCI) to show the gas temperature measurement process with specialised equipment, for use in sales meetings and on their exhibition stands.

3D Product Visualisation

Animated 3D visualisation of product working correctly vs incorrect usage. View on website homepage here. Another 2D image, here.

Showreel: VFX

VFX Reel 2013 from Jemma Harwood on Vimeo.

Graduate VFX Film

RED from Jemma Harwood on Vimeo.