Online Price Calculator

One of the main treatments that this company provides is Laser Hair Removal, one of the first things a potential customer wants to know is how much it will cost. Pricing this sort of treatment is quite difficult due to the sheer number of body areas/combinations of body areas and length of the treatment course (single session, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, etc).

This task was about fitting in all of the relevant information without overcrowding the page and confusing the viewer, maintaining their interest in the treatment & their personalised price estimate to ensure they click through to the end, whilst also looking sleek and on-brand.

The final page design was to show their price estimate relative to the current promotional offer (usually 20% or 30% off), as well as a call to action and advice for their next steps. The design needed to transfer to email, they would receive this shortly afterwards and visually link it back to the calculator process they had just completed.

View the Online Price Calculator here

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