Royal Caribbean UI/UX

Created with Blue Serif.

This is an ongoing project where we have been asked to look at various aspects of the UI/UX design for both sets of new booking software at Royal Caribbean; the staff-facing interface and client-facing interface.

This will allow staff to create and amend multi-faceted cruise bookings on behalf of their clients, as well as the on-site booking process allowing clients to book and amend their own cruises via the login portal on the Royal Carribean website.

The project was started elsewhere, meaning the design system had been developed to a point where I was able to utilise assets and elements that had been fully signed-off, allowing me to concentrate on the UX aspects.

For this process I’ve used Sketch along with InVision, making it simple to pass files on to their developer team as well as presenting these designs in web meetings with the client in the US.