Branding The Other Places

This mini branding project was for a couple of friends who were starting a pop-up shop selling wares from their travels, being familiar with a particular place in Morocco and setting up relations with rug-sellers who are now shipping the rugs to the UK to be sold, under the business title of ‘The Other Places’.

Various Initial Sketches

The look and feel was to be handmade, rugged, ethnic and somewhat decorative. Based on their collection of items to sell I made initial logo sketches, expanded on the one they liked most and then made various coloured versions.



The above logo idea was chosen as the favourite. They also wanted some of the dots from one of the other designs, so once the sketch had been digitised using illustrator I made a few small changes, the final design was chosen from these.


I wanted to create the logo design in a selection of different colours and textures, since this is what the items in the shop were like – bright, colourful and varied with lots of textures.