Web Design

Clear Financial Site Refresh

Clear Financial’s request for a website refresh meant I could explore some ideas based around their current “clear water” concept. Mock up idea:  

Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

Webpage design created at Blue Serif oilandgasclimateinitiative.com/climate-investments

Southwire Website

Blue Serif This was a full website redesign for an American company where I worked within the design team on various aspects, liaising with the dev team throughout. UX/UI design included login & password reset journey, the overall design and process for a number of online calculators. Other design work included various page designs throughout […]

Second Mile Consulting

Website build using Wordpress. Second Mile Consulting

Carmel Jane Photography

Created at Blue Serif. The Carmel Jane Photography website redesign was worked on by a colleague who then gave me the mockups and working files in order to build the site: http://www.carmeljane.co.uk

Park View Properties

Created at Blue Serif creative studio. Park View is a housing development project in Shirley for which Blue Serif worked on branding, print brochures, cladding etc. My role in this project was the website design and build, using the brand that another designer in the team had created. http://www.parkviewshirley.co.uk

Oscar Fairchild Website

Website design for a London-based accountacy firm http://www.oscarfairchild.com >> Created at Blue Serif

Various .GIF media

Working at: Blue Serif Creative Studio Capable of making animated .gifs in both Photoshop and After Effects and exporting to a small file size.      

Sony Professional Website

Working at: Blue Serif Creative Studio Blue Serif creative studio were awarded the website re-design for Sony Professional in 2017, I joined part way through the process and worked on layout design and graphic assets for various pages throughout the site, liasing with developers to review and finesse each page. http://www.pro.sony

Memnon website

Working at: Blue Serif Creative Studio This site was recently refreshed by Blue Serif where I artworked designs and put together additional page mockups before handing to the web developer and providing assets for the build. Memnon.com

Eagle Genomics: Website Refresh

Short project to refresh the look of a website for Eagle Genomics, a medical data orientated software company. eaglegenomics.com Work was completed on the following pages: Homepage Leadership Human Genomics Microbiomes Smart Data Management Products Eaglecore Eaglecurate Eaglediscover Eaglehive Working with: Blue Serif Creative Studio

Online Price Calculator

One of the main treatments that this company provides is Laser Hair Removal, one of the first things a potential customer wants to know is how much it will cost. Pricing this sort of treatment is quite difficult due to the sheer number of body areas/combinations of body areas and length of the treatment course […]

Homepage Design

Homepage for Courthouse Clinics   2. Microsite for a Courthouse Clinics’ doctor

E-commerce Web Design

This was a piece of web design for an e-commerce site, specifically for the actual purchasing process which was fairly complex due to the various options available, ensuring the buyer would choose the correct item for their needs. View the ‘flange selector’ on Flangeguards.com This design was all about getting across the right information, the […]